profile pic 2Just Betty Blog came about in a moment of “I have to talk about what’s going on with me, there has to be others that are searching for answers!” For about two years now I have been fighting a silent battle against my body. After numerous doctors, and several attempts to put me on anxiety and/or anti depressant medications, I had an appointment with my doctor that I like to call Dr. Incredible. That was the moment that changed my life! He knew just what was going on and knew exactly what I needed to be tested for. My adrenal system was in a tail spin!!! My anxiety, my severe lack of energy, my adult acne, my inability to have a clear mind, and my abnormal lack of interest in sex was all in response to my hormones screaming that something was wrong! About a week after that revelation, Just Betty Blog was born.

Everything on this blog comes from an honest place, a place of experience, and a place of a growing knowledge about holistic health and nutrition. I also have a passion for skincare, so for those suffering from acne know that everything I post about is real and I have tried each product or technique I’m talking about.

I’m not paid for any of my reviews, unless I note otherwise. I am also not a nutritionist or a doctor, so please don’t use my posts to self diagnosis. If you feel like you are suffering from adrenal issues by all means go to a doctor and let them know you want a full hormone panel ran. If you are in Texas I will gladly pass on Dr. Incredible’s information.

Almost all photo’s on JustBetty’s sites including the blog and social media sites are images created by myself and my husband. If you are interested in using any of the images, please contact me I’d be happy to help.

I hope y’all enjoy this journey with me! I’m looking forward to the knowledge this brings to not only myself but so many others that are Googling away their symptoms.

Until next time, Stay well y’all!

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