Clean Eating Starts with a Clean Pantry

Cleaning out your pantry for clean eating is one of the easiest steps to help you stay healthy. If you don’t have the foods that make you feel bad within reach you are more likely to make better choices.

Clean Eating Starts with a Clean Pantry

When I talk about foods that make you “feel bad,” I’m talking about added sugars, processed foods, unhealthy grains, and additives that aren’t classified as food. If you are dealing with hormonal imbalances like myself, you know it is a delicate dance to keep them maintained. Anything you can do to help your body fight the good fight will ultimately lead to you feeling better, living healthier, and hopefully living in harmony with your hormones.

Let’s start with one of the easier clean eating clearouts, your spices. Go through each one of your spices and check their ingredients. If they contain sugar put them to the side. If they contain any additive other than what the spice is, put them to the side. It’s up to you if you toss them out, or continue to use them until they’re gone. Your spices should be pure and made with pure ingredients. Flavor God, Primal Palate, and any spices offered from Thrive Market are the best options!

Just a side note about Thrive Market. This is an online, organic grocery store offering discounted prices. They offer products based on your dietary needs such as: Paleo, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, etc. I have learned to purchase your grocery staples like flour, spices, sugars, broths, and condiments through Thrive Market. You will save in the end!

What kind of salt are you using? If it’s plain table salt, put that sucker to the side. The best salt for your body and for your cooking is Himalayan Sea Salt. I rotate Himalayan Sea Salt and Kosher Salt in my cooking, there is a taste difference. I find that Himalayan salt is a lot stronger and requires a lot less to season your food.

You might have noticed I have left out cooking oils and fats. I used to be the person that would use Olive Oil for everything, that’s just what you did. Wrong!!! Cooking oils and fats is a vast field of information that a believe requires a whole blog post. Be on the lookout for that next week.

How’s your sugar? Now I am not against all sugars. I know realistically that your body does need sugar to function, and sometimes it is needed for baking. There are several substitutes to sugar in cooking and baking but what I like to keep on hand is Coconut Sugar, and various local honey flavors.

There’s a whole world of flours I didn’t even know existed outside of All Purpose, Bleached, & Unbleached flours. Things like almond, coconut, tapioca, gluten free, and sprouted flour exist! Each flour has a specific purpose and will vary based on your cooking needs. The amazing part is once you’ve found your go to flour you will never look back. I personally recommend Almond flour for daily cooking, like coating chicken tenders, and vegetables.

Do you have canned goods? Make sure you check the ingredients of your canned goods. A lot of brands like to sneak in sugar and unnecessary additives. Make sure the cans are BPA free as well.

Ok y’all this is the hard part. Cleaning up your snacks! Gasp!!! You need to ditch all the processed snacks with added sugars. It’s snack time, don’t ruin your clean eating meals by making poor snacking decisions. Replace your snacks with dried fruits, various nuts, veggies that you like to eat raw, hummus/healthy dips, nut butters, Larabar’s, healthy granola bars, veggie chips, plantains, and dehydrated vegetables like okra and carrots.

Be sure to follow me on Pinterest! I share a lot of clean eating recipes.

Lastly, let’s talk about your drink choices. If you have sugary drinks like Dr. Pepper, Coke, and Sprite you know what I’m going to tell you. Get rid of them!!!!!! It is not worth the five minutes of pleasure you get from drinking a Dr. Pepper. Fill your pantry with flavored carbonated waters, like La Croix. This will help you get past your carbonation craving. Flavored, no sugar added waters are good to keep on hand as well. Water can get pretty bland. Keep tea around as well, pure tea not sweet tea. I’m Texan through and through and those are fighting words, unfortunately sweet tea is just as bad as ingesting a Coke.

If you continually start to feed your body good, real food it will become a habit. Your body will crave all the processed food, and added sugars you are tossing out. Just remember you are feeding yourself the best fuel possible. Once you have been eating clean for a while, you will find your balance between clean eating and indulging yourself every so often without feeling bad. Lucky for us there are geniuses out there that make outstanding Paleo/Gluten/Dairy free desserts!

Would y’all like to see recipes from Just Betty Blog? It’s something I’ve been thinking about adding to the mix, sharing Paleo recipes and/or clean eating recipes for day to day cooking. I’ve showcased some of my cooking on Snapchat (be sure to follow me, click on the ghost to your right or snap name shanleymc08).

Until next time, Stay well y’all!

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