Coffee… A love story!


Do y’all have a crutch something you just have to have on a daily basis? Mine has become coffee! Coffee was something that was enjoyed every once in a blue moon, like a trip to Barnes and Noble. Holding that cup of warm coffee as I prowled the aisles of delicious books. Good memories! Then as my hormones began to slip further and further it was something I depended on to wake me from my zombie state every morning. I was able to limit myself to coffee only in the morning. I refused to let it continue throughout the day no matter how heavy my eyelids were. I did have a brief affair with tea, it’s nice to have a rendezvous every now and then. But nothing can take the place of coffee! Thankfully this sinful goodness is allowed during the “Great Gut Cleanse of 2016.” And thankfully I take my coffee black because as you guessed it, there are no additives allowed.

There’s also a beauty in grinding the beans first thing in the morning. It releases this amazing smell throughout the kitchen that just makes it feel like home. We used to use a Keurig but I’m pretty old-school and missed the simplicity of a large pot of coffee. Here in our home town we have a great little store off the square that sells locally roasted beans called the Panhandle, sadly they are closed until the summer. We have a back up though and it’s not as local as a stroll to the square, but it’s dang close. We loveeeeee Avoca Coffee Roasters. If you haven’t had the pleasure of Avoca coffee or tea I highly recommend ordering some, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s nice to be able to keep something that is tied to more than just a need of functionality in the morning, it’s a feeling of warmness and a feeling of love. Yes, this was a whole post dedicated to coffee because every once in awhile you just need something random and corky.

Also, if you are looking for coffee recipes to make at home my good friend over at Chemistry Cachet has an amazing blog filled with yummy coffee recipes. Please enjoy them for me!!!

Stay well y’all!


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