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Cystic Breakout? Now What do you do?


What do you do when you have a cystic breakout? Over the weekend I had not one, but two cystic breakouts on my jaw line. One appeared suddenly Friday afternoon, the other I could tell was coming on. They are the worst, not only do they hurt but they can be rather noticeable. It’s been awhile since I have had to deal with these suckers, but it doesn’t surprise me with the amount of sweating and sunscreen wearing I’ve been doing lately.

What to do when you have a cystic breakout!

So what do you do when these monsters appear?

Here are a few pointers that can help speed up the recovery time and ease the pain brought on by a cystic breakout.

First off, do not touch the cystic breakout and do not try to pick at them thinking they will rupture. Nine times out ten you will only make them hurt more and make them bigger. If you have one appear in the middle of the day just wait until you can get home to properly wash your face. You want to treat it accurately and effectively as soon as you can.

Go through your normal cleansing routine, making sure you cleanse the area thoroughly. If you are due a masking I’d recommend to do an all over mask. If you just masked, you can just spot treat the area. The best masks to bring the bacteria out of the cyst is a detoxifying mask. You can use a charcoal mask or one of my new found personal favorites, The Pele Mask by Maholo Skin Care. This mask is packed with so much goodness it’s overwhelming. The ingredients I like the most are the volcanic ash clay, raw cacao, turmeric, and holy basil tulsi. These are powerhouse ingredients when it comes to detoxifying and healing acne.

Volcanic ash clay – contains sulfur which prevents and treats bacteria in your skin.
Raw Cacao – a free radical fighter, hormone balancer, and an antibacterial.
Turmeric – controls oil production, anti-aging, and an antibacterial as well.
Holy Basil Tulsi – cleanses the toxins from the skin by acting as an antiseptic, it also helps fade scars, and eliminate blackheads.

After you have cleansed the area and masked, apply your serums and then you will want to apply a cystic acne treatment. Hands down, the best one on the market is Renee Rouleau’s Anti- Cyst Treatment.

If you Google this product you will see article after article saying nothing can beat this treatment. If you buy one thing from her skin care line I highly recommend this guy, you will NOT be disappointed and you’ll want to try more of her products.

Apply a layer of Renee Rouleau’s Anti-Cyst Treatment to the affected area. Let it dry. Then apply your moisturizer followed with your oil if you use one. Let all of your treatments settle, about 30 minutes or so.

Since cysts tend to be pretty painful you’ll want to do something to ease the pain. After you’ve let your skin care sink in, you can use a small ice pack. While you’re watching TV, or reading keep the ice pack applied to the cystic area as long as you can stand the cold or begin to feel the pain subsiding. You can apply the ice pack as often as needed throughout the evening and in the morning.

Now, it’s the morning and you need to cover up the pain in the butt. Hopefully the size of the cystic breakout has remained the same or gone down. You can apply the ice pack to the area once again before starting your skin care routine. Go about your morning routine as usual, again after applying your serum you will want to apply another layer or Renee Rouleau’s Anti-Cyst Treatment. This time be sure to rub it in. If you let it dry on its own it has a tendency to flake, making makeup application harder.

When it comes to your makeup application be sure to use products that will fight the infection during the day. The best foundation to do just this is FitGlow’s VitaActive Foundation. It provides optimal coverage all while keeping bacteria at bay throughout the day. I also like to use Kjaer Weis foundation for a little more coverage, it also doubles as an exceptional concealer. Top with a setting powder like Hynt Beauty Finale Finishing Powder that contains arrowroot (a great ingredient to help fight acne, read my blog post here).

Try your hardest to not touch the cystic breakout throughout the day. If you need a makeup touch up be sure to dab the area prior to adding concealer and setting powder.

Repeat these steps until you are satisfied the cystic breakout is going away. You don’t want to over-mask though, that could cause more irritation leading to more skin issues. The other steps can be repeated as often as necessary. Above all, remember that this will pass and don’t be so hard on yourself self-love beats acne any day!

A brief infograph for what to do when you have a cystic breakout

Hopefully this has helped you know just what to do when you have a cystic breakout. If you have any other pointers I’d love to hear them!!

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Until next time, Stay well y’all!

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