Et tu Cortisol?

Well ladies and gents week 1 of Whole 30 is about to be official. Not gonna lie and tell y’all it was a breeze, about day 4 I thought I might need to lock myself in the bedroom because everyone was making me crazy. Let’s not even talk about the fact I felt like I had been back in college and was throwing back red bull and vodka all night (yes, I know seriously the worst choice of drink everrrrrr but hey we were all young and dumb). But after day 4 things went back to normal and I could tell things were changing.

My one issue with Whole 30 is that it does take a lot of time and preparation, and sometimes lets face it you don’t have that much time or patience.

There was a moment of saving grace when the Big Man knew we needed a little moment of “you can do this,” and we discovered the best health food restaurant, let’s not mention the only one in town, JuJu’s came to the rescue!! Those ladies know how to make a mean smoothie and that sometimes you just need a hug. JuJu’s just gets me!!!

Now let’s talk about cortisol shall we?!? I have been taking my vitamins, probiotics, and prescribed Cortef for over a week now. In just that short amount of time there have been noticeable differences. The biggest difference has been in energy! I’m talking about the moments when I typically would hit the couch after running errands and wouldn’t move until I decided to go to bed. Last week it was amazing, I ran errands, came home, and guess what… I had energy to spare!!! I was buzzing around the house taking care of the stuff I hate to do and had energy to work on well work! It was incredible. On this journey I’m prepared for things to fluctuate,  but for now I’m savoring the little victories.

Since the discovery of my adrenal issues, and lack of cortisol production, I have done some research on what exactly cortisol is and why it’s so dang important. Without getting all scientific on y’all and since I don’t fully understand everything just yet, I will use one of my favorite movies (don’t judge) to navigate the basics of cortisol.

At this point my imagination goes straight to the movie Osmosis Jones, a little film starring Bill Murray and Chris Rock as our animated hero Osmosis Jones!!! For those that have noooo clue what I’m talking about it’s a live action/animated movie. Bill Murray was the live action star named Frank who didn’t really take care of himself, and the animated part was the inside of Frank’s body. His insides were set up just like a little city and Osmosis Jones worked for the Frank P.D. Just go with me on this, this was pre Inside Out guys so this was the shiz!

Now imagine your insides just like the city from Osmosis Jones, your cortisol would be the cops that are stationed on top of your kidney’s. Their daily job is to monitor blood sugar, immune function, digestion, metabolism, and your fight or flight response. What happens if one of those cops does way too much on the job, or does way to little on the job?!?! It screws up one or all of those functions and the city is plunged into a panic.

For me my cortisol cops were kind of sleeping on the job. They weren’t keeping check of my fight or flight response so I’m in a constant state of heightened stress. That would send mixed singles to my sewage system. The workers down there would be like “code red, alert… she’s stressed out, activate the stressed stomach!” That created its own set of issues, a.k.a. possibly the onset of adult acne and we aren’t even going to talk about my digestive issues. They also weren’t keeping a tight watch on my blood sugar, and let my energy levels and libido go on vacation to Jamaica without me.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many other parts and functionalities of the adrenal system it would make your mind explode. Once I’ve done more research and have a better understanding of the system I’ll take a crack at a blog post about it, maybe even bring back Osmosis Jones if you’re lucky.

Stay well y’all!


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5 thoughts on “Et tu Cortisol?

  1. Hi, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one
    and i was just curious if you get a lot of spam feedback?
    If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can advise?
    I get so much lately it’s driving me mad so any support is
    very much appreciated.

    1. Hello there, I’m sorry it took so long for me to reply… I didn’t receive notification that I had a comment. Will have to look into that! 🙁
      I actually haven’t ran into that issue just yet. But there are a few plugins I will look into and let you know what I find out.

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