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Fab ‘n Fit Fridays

Here’s a little something I’d like to try on Fridays. I will end the week with a short list of things that I love and sometimes just can’t do without. It gives y’all a little insight into what I like to use on a regular basis and maybe even help you discover new products!!! If you’re anything like me you have to curb your internet shopping 🙂

First up is my bamboo speaker! I love this little guy. I made this discovery when I popped into a new store off the square (just to paint a little picture our downtown is basically Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls) the store owner was demonstrating the speaker and I honestly thought it was a wireless, Bluetooth speaker, but nope!! It’s a hollowed out bamboo reed that you drop your phone in and enjoy the amplified sounds of Bob Dylan, or whatever you’re into. This magic devise is called a Bam Jam all Natural Speaker. I have found a few stores that sell them online but they are sold out right now, which is actually great because it creates jobs and income for people in Haiti. So keep Googling they will be back in stock!

Next up is a little somethin’ somethin’ for your face! For those of you that struggle with acne know that it is a day by day basis and mostly trial and error. You can read all you want about products or other people’s experiences but that doesn’t mean what works for their unique, and beautiful skin is going to work for your unique, and beautiful skin. On this journey I have spent ohhhhhh sooooo muchhhhhh money on skin products, because I won’t lie to you and say “I am more than my skin!” Yes, that is so very true and it takes awhile for you to get to that point, a good long while. Especially when your job is in marketing so you see people EVERY day! There is no haircut on Earth, unless I want to be a sheepdog, that will hide a really bad skin week. On this continuing journey I have found products that are all right, and some that are outstanding. On the outstanding list is Leahlani Skincare. Not only do I love her story and her spirit, but her products are mesmerizing. It’s an experience in itself to use her skin care line. You are taken away to the beaches of Hawaii and you never want to come back. I also really like how they blend so well with other products. One of my favorites from her line is the Bohemian Ruby balancing toner. I use this morning and night to blend with my moisturizer (trust me it’s literally the best way to put on your moisturizer because you just GLOW), and throughout the day for a pick me up.

I will wrap up this list with a product line I have been using for over two years now. One of my hobbies is cooking, I use it to unwind from the day and as a way to show my love to my family and friends. Prior to the Whole 30 takeover I cleaned up my cooking methods quite a bit, that included changing up my spices. In comes tadahhhhhh Flavor God seasonings. These seasonings are incredible!! Completely changed my cooking game. The best part is they are so fresh and not filled with any unnecessary ingredients. The creator, Chris is always coming up with innovative seasonings like Ranch and Bacon Lovers. I mean come on that’s any Southern’s unicorn wish right there. He changes his seasonings out frequently so some flavors go away but they come back, I promise. His signature staples are always available, like Everything and Garlic Lovers. He also has a “no salt” option!

That’s it y’all those are few of my fab ‘n fit finds for Friday. Please note that I am not paid by any of the above mentioned companies, I just am an avid fan of their products!

Stay well y’all!


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