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Fab ‘n Fit Gettin’ Ready for Summer

The temperature is rising and the days are longer than ever. Summer is upon us and that means our days will be spent in the sun making memories with family and friends. Some of my best summer memories are floating the river in Austin with my closet friends and loved ones. What are some of your favorite summertime memories?

Days in the sun means your daily ritual might change up a bit, and I’m here to help with organic options!

Sunscreen: Now you should be using this on a DAILY basis anyway, but it’s even more important when you’ll actually be spending a lot of time outside. I have a few options when it comes to facial sunscreen.

When you’re going to be outside running, walking, hanging out by the water, etc… I like Raw Elements Tint Formula 30. This is a pretty heavy sunscreen so it’s not recommended if you want to wear makeup. I also like to use Suntegrity’s Face Sunscreen & Primer. You can wear this under makeup, but it does require a little bit of effort to make sure it’s rubbed in. I’ve found I enjoyed it the most without makeup.

For day to day wear I switch between Renee Rouleau’s Daily Protection SPF 30 and Kypris’ Heliotropic. This is a newer product for Kypris and they are really bringing their A game with this sunscreen, honestly wouldn’t expect anything less. It’s super breathable and wears great under makeup all day. Raw.Krpris.Sun.Renee6.10.16


After Sun Care: After being out in the sun all day your skin will need a little TLC, especially if you burnt a little. One product that I discovered helps with a sunburn by pure accident, is FatCo’s Body Butta. It was the only thing I had on hand and the next day my burn was gone!!!! That’s a miracle for my fair skin. I also love this stuff for my eczema flair ups and just when my skin needs a lot more moisture.

Another skin savior is One Love Organic’s Gardenia and Tea body oil spray. This is the perfect summer scent and it really gives your skin the extra moisture it needs after being outside all day because it is packed full of antioxidants.

                                Now, this is a product I haven’t used yet but it’s on my list, and if you stay on the lookout you might see a little something awesome pop up with this product soon!!!! It’s Leahlani’s Mahana Organic Coco Infusion for Hair, Skin, Sun. It’s an all over body oil that’s applied to your skin right after you shower. Leahlani never disappoints so this product will be no exception.



Face Mists: This is a trick I learned while living in Arizona, summers out there can be pretty brutal. Eminence makes great facial toner sprays, my personal favorites are Stone Crop Hydrating Mist and Lime Refresh Tonique. I like to take those two toners and put them in the fridge! It makes for an amazing pick me up throughout the day, not to mention they are antibacterial and moisturizing.


Bug Spray: Living in Texas, the state bird is the mosquito so bug control is extremely important! I am experimenting with different organic bug control options right now so I will defiantly keep y’all updated. But one quick fix that is also pretty and adds a nice touch to your patio is the citronella plant. One thing that not a lot of people know is that the plant isn’t the bug deterrent, but the scent from the leaves. So for a handy and natural repellent you want to rub the leaves in your hand to release the scent.

                       This is another product I have not tried yet, I just came across it on Instagram, but it has my interest peaked. The company is called, Aromaflage and they make toxic free bug spray that is also a fragrance!! Say what?!?! This will be on my purchase list for sure, and there will be a review because that’s what I do!

There ya go, a quick list that will hopefully help y’all enjoy summer just a little bit more this year burn and bug free!

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Until next time, Stay well y’all!

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