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Fab ‘n Fit with a Twist!

This week’s Fab ‘n Fit will be a little different. I wanted to share with y’all a few skincare tips that all cost $10 or less! If you struggle with adult acne, or acne these are a few daily tricks to help your fight against breakouts.

6 skincare tips under 10 dollars

Tip 1

Do you use lemons on a daily basis? Lemons are seriously the superheroes of fruit. They have so many amazing properties to help treat and heal your skin from the outside and the inside. Something to think about adding to your morning routine is drinking hot lemon water. This super kick starter will get your day going right by aiding in digestion, giving you an extra boost of Vitamin C, and fighting free radicals. You can also rub lemon on your face to fight those pesky blackheads. For even more reasons why lemons are the superfruit of fruits, my dear friend over at Chemistry Cachet wrote an amazing piece on scientific proof why you should eat and use lemons.

Tip 2

How often do you change your pillow case? If you were like me, it was once a week. After some time, I noticed my breakouts were clustered on a certain side, after more time I realized that’s the side I sleep on!!!!! All my hair products, sweat, dead skin cells, and oil were accumulating on my pillow case throughout the week and my skin was marinating in it overnight. Gross, right? My pillow case now gets swapped every two nights. After several months I have noticed a reduction in cheek breakouts. You don’t have to buy a fancy set; simple white pillow cases will do the trick. It’s best to invest in a lot so you’re not constantly washing them. I like the 300 count from Target, which I hyperlinked for you, but their Room Essentials Easy Care pillowcases work just fine.

Tip 3

Have you ever thought about your laundry detergent? I have super, sensitive skin so laundry detergent has always been a sensitive subject. My detergent has always been the free and gentle kind, it’s free of dyes and perfumes, but I wondered if there was still something that was irritating my skin. My search for organic laundry soap was on. Now, the laundry soap I use is over $10, I will still list it but I’m going to give you an under $10 alternative as well. I still use Tide Free and Gentle on all my clothes, but when I wash my towels and sheets I use my organic laundry soap, Simply Soapberry Baby. The under $10 option that I’ve read great things about is Molly’s Suds.

Tip 4

Is your cell phone screen clean? Like pillowcases your phone screen is a breeding ground for bacteria. Just think about all the times you wipe off your face oil and make up on your pant leg after a phone call, hopefully that’s just not me. An easy fix to clean up that cesspool is wiping down your screen everyday with rubbing alcohol. If that is a little too harsh for you, you can also use witch hazel or lemons. (You’ll want to make sure you wipe with a clean cotton swap afterwards to remove any stickiness). Take a cotton swap and soak it in your choice of cleaner, wipe your screen morning and night to keep the bacteria at bay. Something else to think about wiping down is the inside of your hats. If you’re like me I throw on ball caps frequently, the inside piece that touches your forehead gets really grimy. If you don’t want to wash it all the time just take your cotton swap and cleaner, rub it on the inside, and let dry.

Tip 5

What about your makeup brushes? Those suckers go through a lot, they get dipped in makeup every day and are used to cover up acne flare ups. A lot of bacteria and germs take resident in the bristles. There are varied opinions on how often you should wash your brushes, I kind of want to leave that up to you. It all depends on how often you use them and how much makeup you’re using. For some people every day is probably a good idea, for others you probably could go a few days in between. The best brush cleanser I’ve found, and has multiple uses throughout my house is Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap. I prefer their peppermint formula. I like that minty fresh, clean smell.

Tip 6

Lastly, how is your H2O intake? The basic consensus is eight, eight ounce glasses a day. Let’s just say you probably need to up your water game. Your cells need hydration! With hydration comes less dry skin, less wrinkles, and aides in riding your body of toxins. Water can get boring on its own, adding various fruits and veggies to your water is a great mix up. You can also purchase flavored sparkling waters. My favorite brand is La Croix. They have a coconut flavor that makes you feel like you’re on an island, it’s pretty fantastic! Not to mention they’re Whole 30 approved 🙂

There you have it! A list of items under $10 that can up your skincare routine. Hopefully some of these tips will be helpful for you. If you have any other suggestions, I would love to hear them.

Until next time, stay well y’all!


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