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Last Friday we talked about skincare tips under $10. Today we will have a list of skincare and makeup items that come in sample sizes! This is such a great feature for skin care companies because it gives us, the consumers, a chance to sample the products to make sure it’s a good fit for our skin. I don’t know about y’all but I have a box called “the kiss of death,” it’s where skincare and makeup products that didn’t work out go for eternity. Let’s not even talk about how frustrating it is to make a large purchase that is typically not returnable. So unless I find someone to pass them onto they sit under my sink for a longgggg time.

Bring on the samples!!!!!!!!!!

Real quick, be sure to check out my earlier posts from this week dedicated to skincare. On Monday we talked about the foundation for great skin, your skincare routine. And Wednesday was all about your makeup and products that help heal acne while it’s on your face.

Side note: I have used each product line that I’m mentioning below. I won’t suggest any products that I haven’t tried myself because I want only good, genuine products going on your lovely skin.

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  • Kypris is luxurious skincare line. Their products are elegant and made with only the highest quality ingredients. There are also several avid fans who say they owe their skin care miracles all to Kypris. With all that being said, Kypris’ products are pricey. Don’t fret because they have a fantastic sample offer! You get to select seven samples from their most popular items for $75. Their sample sizes also provide you with several uses (over a week’s worth) so you will know what is and isn’t working for your skin before you commit to any of their products.
  • Vapour Organic Beauty is a quality organic makeup brand. They use quality ingredients so you can be confident that your makeup looks outstanding all while working for your skin! Their sample offer allows you to pick five products for $15. However, their sample sizes only allow for a few uses. So if you are wanting at least a week worth of “try before you buy” I recommend ordering two sample kits.
  • Tata Harper is such an amazing brand. Their entire operation is located in Vermont, they even harvest their ingredients that go in each product from the farm! (That is my dream). With each product from the Tata Harper line you are guaranteed incredible ingredients mixed together with loving hands and hard work. She also knows that taking the jump to natural skincare is a process, so she offers you a Natural Skincare Try-Me Kit. It’s a 12-piece skincare kit filled with her most popular products for $25. Her sample sizes can last you for about a week if used sparingly.
  • Hynt Beauty is a makeup line I recently talked about on my Makeup Darling post. Their powders are filled with goodness for your skin so you can rest easy they won’t irritate or make your acne worse. They also offer samples! You can purchase individual samples, or you can purchase their Discovery Kit for $49. The Discovery Kit includes six products and a makeup bag. The kit will last you awhile, over a month if not longer depending on how often you use the products.
  • My last item isn’t a sample, but it’s a fun little thing to add to your skincare or makeup storage. Glossier sends their products in this awesome pink bubble wrap, Ziploc bag. They’re seriously the cutest thing. I use them all over the place. I have one in my purse to hold the loose items and arsenal of lipsticks, and they’re used for travel storage all the time. You can now purchase a set of five pouches for $20 on their website.

FYI: Just received an email from Glossier that they are offering FREE shipping over the weekend! 

Next week be on the lookout for posts about Whole 30, since this is my last week!!! We will also be talking hormones. I had my phone call with Dr. Incredible on Tuesday, and wow, yeah let’s just say I wasn’t expecting those kinds of results from my lab work.

Until then, stay well y’all!


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