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How to be a Glowing Goddess all Year Round

There’s nothing to make you feel more confident than glowing, radiant skin. It makes any outfit pop, and any makeup (whether fresh or ready for a night out) step up its game. Any glowing goddess needs a few products to help them have glowing skin all year round.

Be a Glowing Goddess all year Round

Glowing Goddess Product for your Face

Ilia Radiant Beauty Balm for Glowing Goddess Skin

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get a nice golden glow under your makeup is a beauty balm. An even better beauty balm is one with a SPF! Let’s introduce Ilia’s Radiant Beauty Balm with SPF 20!!! This beauty has a nice subtle golden hue to it. You can wear this by itself, or under your foundation. It gives your skin an overall glow and highlight instantly. Ilia prides itself on quality, organic ingredients so you can wear this with confidence.

Glowing Goddess Product for your Hair

Captain Blankenship Golden Waves for Golden Goddess Hair

We live in an amazing world that can give us beach waves without having to be at the beach. And everyone knows in order to be a mermaid you have to have shimmery, beachy hair! Look no further than Captain Blankenships Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray. It gives your hair the best texture for those loose waves, and works great as a styling hold. The golden mica gives your hair a nice glow. Not to mention it smells fantastic!

Glowing Goddess Products for your Body

Glowing Goddess Skin

Body oils are an amazing way to hydrate your skin. When applied to damp skin right after a shower they provide all day moisture and glow to your body. Some of my favorite body oils have a golden shimmer to them as well. It’s an added touch to your moisturized, soft skin especially for your legs. My personal favorite glowing goddess body oils are Mahalo Skin Care’s Vacation Glow, and May Lindstrom’s The Good Stuff. My preference is to use the Vacation Glow during the day time because I love the fresh, earthy scents from the argan oil, geranium, ylang ylang, and Hawaiian jasmine. The Good Stuff is a great oil for night-time, don’t ask me why I associate it more with night. I think it’s the mixture of jojoba, cacao, and lavender blended together for what can only be described with May’s own words as, “remarkably sexy, gently whimsical, liquid sunshine.”

These are the products I like to keep on hand to keep my glow going all year-long!

Until next time, Stay well y’all!

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