Why is pH Balance so Important for your Skin Routine?

Why is pH balance so important for your skin? Surprisingly the water you use to wash your skin can and does affect your skin care routine and overall skin maintenance. Have you ever visited or lived somewhere that has incredibly hard water? You must have noticed that your shampoo seemed to cling to your hair, and your body wash just doesn’t want to rinse off. The characteristics of hard water is it’s loaded with minerals like calcium, which is fine for drinking water but it’s not something you want to put on your skin.

Why it's Important to Have PH Balanced Skin

Using hard water over time can lead to very dry skin, and potentially a buildup of your skin care products. Now are you starting to see why maintaining a balanced pH for your skin can be incredibly important?

Not only does using pH balanced skin care products combat your water, but it helps keep your skin in a balanced state allowing it to heal itself. Your body typically has a pH of 7, and your skin is a little more acidic at a 5. If your skin is very dry and dehydrated it is more alkaline. If you are prone to break outs and your skin is oilier, your skin pH is more acidic. The ideal goal is to get your skin pH to around a 5.5, this is your skins happy place.


The best way to reach and maintain pH balanced skin is through the use of skin products that specialize in restoring your pH balance. I have a few products that I mix into my skin care routine to get my skin to the right pH balance, and keep it there. When your skin reaches the right pH balance, you notice a significant difference. Your skin will be hydrated, smooth, and any break outs you might experience will heal faster.

Face Wash for pH Balance

If you are following me on Instagram you might have seen my recent Instareview about this face wash! If you aren’t following me on Instagram just yet, what are you waiting for?!? I discovered the Aleavia brand through a suggested post and I really loved what the company was doing for skin care. I purchased the Purifying Facial Cleanser to use at night, and it has improved my overall skin routine greatly. The main goal of the Purifying Facial Cleanser is to remove the bad bacteria from your skin while leaving the essential oils, bacteria, and moisture barrier needed to improve your skin. It also restores your skins natural pH balance through the use of prebiotics, found in sea kelp and aloe.

Face Wash for PH Balance

Toner for pH Balance

Face toner is a super important step in your skin routine. After you wash your face you want to wipe your skin with a good toner for two reasons. When you are using a pH balancing toner you are fighting the minerals in your water that can upset your skin. You are also giving your skin extra moisture and allowing the products you use right after the toner to penetrate your skin and work properly. There are many organic toners that I adore, and I use them for various reasons throughout the week. But the one toner I use day and night is Indie Lee’s CoQ10 toner. Her CoQ10 toner uses aloe and hyaluronic acid to give your skin the proper pH balance. It’s also great to use after a workout, or anytime you’ve been sweating to bring your skin back to a balanced state.

Face Toner for PH Balance

Moisturizer for pH Balance

It’s no secret my love for the Mahalo Skin Care line. I wish I had taken before and after photos to show y’all just how incredible their products have been. Unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking ahead and y’all will just have to trust me on this!!! The Mahalo line has two moisturizers in their lineup that have amazing benefits, the Mahalo Balm and the Rare Indigo. I find myself rotating these products around based on my skin care needs at the time. If you are looking for a moisturizer and healing salve to help calm and soothe irritated skin, then look no further than the Rare Indigo. She is designed to lower oxidation, and boost your skins natural healing abilities by restoring pH balance. For more dry, stressed skin you might want to consider the Mahalo Balm. She fights environmental stressors, and helps restore sebum production.

Mahalo Moisturizer for PH Balance

If you have any questions about pH balance and your skin, please reach out in the comments below, or send me an email. You can find my contact information under the Contact tab. Also be sure to follow me on Instagram, and Pinterest!

Until next time, Stay well y’all!

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