Table Decor is the Dressing to Your Brunch

Table decor is the dressing to your brunch, it also doesn’t have to take a lot of money or time to set a fantastic table.

There’s nothing better than getting together with good friends, surrounded by great food, and drinks. What’s even better is when you create a warm and friendly environment that makes everyone feel instantly happy and at ease. Your table decor can do just that!

As y’all have seen, Alexis with Chemistry Cachet and I got together last week to host a farmhouse brunch with hormone and allergy friendly foods. In case you missed Tuesday’s post for my Refreshing Fruit Salad for a Hormone Friendly Brunch don’t worry the link is here. Alexis provided the fabulous main course, her Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash (Egg-Free) and I made sure the table was set.

Pinterest Picture for 4 easy steps to pick your table decor

Pick a Theme

My first tip to you is to pick a theme that appeals to you and won’t break the bank. I decided on a farmhouse theme for a few reasons, one of the main ones being I had a lot of pieces that fit the theme so I wouldn’t spend a whole lot on decorations. You don’t have to go overboard setting your table. By picking a table decor theme that suits your style, you can easily incorporate items from around your house. The less you have to purchase the better. This even applies when you are hosting a themed party, try to work around things you already have on hand.

Table decor for a farmhouse themed brunch

Personalize your Table Decor

Table decor is all about the visual, but you also want it to be inviting to your guests. It needs to be warm and welcoming. Throwing in a few conversations pieces in your table decor shows your personality and gives your guests something to talk about. I used my pig salt and shakers (from Target) and vintage Arizona drinking glasses to give the table a little personalization.

Personalized table decor for a farmhouse themed brunch


Think of creative ways to display the silverware without having to formally place them next to the plates. I used a mason jar to hold the vintage silverware, cute and informal. You can also display straws and napkins as well. You want the table to be creative but not cluttered.

Full View of Table Decor for a farmhouse themed brunch


Pops of Color

A quick and inexpensive way to add color to your table decor is with fresh-cut flowers. You don’t even have to display them in vases, get creative and put them in drinking glasses or a pitcher. You can also bring in pops of color with your plates. If you feel like your plates just don’t work for your table decor, hit up your local antique store. They usual have a plethora of antique plates for fairly cheap. If antiques aren’t your thing, nice white plates usually work with most settings. Just bring in your colors through your decor.

Flower display for a farmhouse themed brunch


Have fun with your table decor, and make it personal. Your friends will love it! Lastly, if you need inspiration Pinterest is there for you!

Check back tomorrow for tips on picking hormone and allergy friendly foods that your guests will want to eat!!

Until next time, Stay well y’all!

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2 thoughts on “Table Decor is the Dressing to Your Brunch

  1. Lovely table setup – casual, comfy, inviting, colorful… Love what you and Alexis have done together for this summer brunch, complete with an allergy friendly menu!

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