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Whole 30

Today is day 1 of Whole 30 and I feel like a champ! My fridge and pantry have never looked so good 🙂 But I know what’s coming and I’m prepared for it, plus I have a pretty awesome support system in place (a very understanding husband who says he’s going to do this with me, and three fur babies) so bring it on. Last weekend was full of “hey let’s eat this , and drink this because it’s not going to happen for awhile,” and last night was a delicious meal of oh so not good for you food.

Central Market was not prepared for my stealthiness and my nifty Whole 30 shopping list, Juli with paleOMG was also by my side (figuratively not literally) so nothing was going to get in my way! Not even the lady who tried to steal my scale as I turned around to grab my next bag of produce to weigh. My only worry is that the meals will get repetitive and breakfast could get pretty boring. See on my adventure with adult acne I have found a few things that make it worse than others, and eggs happens to be one of them 🙁 If anyone has great recipes for egg-less Whole 30 breakfasts I am all ears!

A random thought… So speaking of adult acne I just wanted to mention how great the organic beauty community is. I purchased products from FitGlow over the weekend and received an email that I qualified for a free lipstick! First off, that’s amazing, and secondly they could have just let that go but NO they didn’t want me to miss out. I’m really excited to throw their line into the mix. It’s really hard when your dealing with hormones because you never know what they’ll do to your skin on a daily basis. It’s like playing Jeopardy, except I don’t get to sound super smart or win money. Instead it’s “I’ll take hormonal breakouts on my chin for $500 Alex!”

Knock on wood, and a little prayer to Mother Mary, I think I might be on to the right mix. I’ll post more about my skin routine when I’ve given my skin a cycle to turnover, about 28 days. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, most of the products involve pretty awesome ladies named Renee Rouleau and Leah with Leahlani Skincare.

Be sure to check back for what I’m sure will be either rants or raves about Whole 30, I feel like this will be a blog worthy journey.

Stay well y’all!

*** Side note, I am not a sponsor for any skin care or make up line nor am I a sponsor for Whole 30. Everything I post is solely based on experiences and opinion. It will come from a place of honesty and real life situations.***


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