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Working Out for your Hormones and Health

Working out, let’s face it, sometimes isn’t on the top of your to do list. At the end of a really long day the last thing you want to do is go to the gym and exhaust your body even more. I’ve been there, heck I am there some weeks, but I’ve found out what happens to my body when I don’t work out is a lot worse than if I had worked out.

If you struggle with hormones then listen up, you are going to want to read this blog!

Before I found out what was the true cause of my multitude of symptoms I was working out constantly. I would alternate between running, and weight lifting. What I was doing was putting a band-aid on an open wound, I was creating a temporary feeling of relief and happiness.

Now that I know what is going on in the inside, I can use working out as an aide to healing my hormones. It is crucial to repairing the damage, freeing your mind, making you stronger, giving you energy, and building a network of friends.

Working Out Repairs the Damage

Working out has long been known for the release of endorphins and that “I feel like I could run a marathon” feeling. But what about working out makes that happen, and why is that important to repairing the damage to your imbalance hormones? Without getting too technical, when you work out your body is releasing stress hormones to get you through your work out. Now, you’re probably thinking “If I’m having issues with my stress hormones (a.k.a. cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine) why would I want to do something that would release more of them?” Well the release of stress hormones in a proper response scenario like working out, triggers the endorphin release. When you work out properly, mixed with your healing prescriptions from your doctor, your body will start releasing the proper hormones at the proper time. Over time repairing your imbalances, and retraining your hormones.

The suggested method of working out for someone dealing with hormonal imbalances, is around 30-40 minutes of interval training.

Working Out for Your Hormones and Health

Working Out Frees your Mind

A crucial process to healing your hormonal imbalances is reducing stress in your life. So easy right!?!? Please!!! What can help ease stress is working out. Sounds so counterproductive, but the neurotransmitters (like serotonin) that are released during your work out actually help you feel relaxed. Not to mention the increased blood flow to your brain, boosts your brain cells that last long after your work out.

Working Out Frees Your Mind

Working Out Makes you Stronger

We all know what comes with a regular working out schedule, you start to lose weight and gain muscle. As you work out your heart rate increases to produce more oxygen throughout your body. Your muscles use that extra oxygen to generate more adenosine triphosphate, ATP. With proper exercise, as in interval training, your muscles will start to have tiny tears that mean your muscles are growing and will get stronger, and bigger depending on your work out.

Working Out Makes you Stronger

Working Out Gives you Extra Energy

As you are working out you are calling on your body to generate more energy to get you through the work out. Your body pulls energy from the fuel you feed yourself, which is why it’s so important to eat the proper foods (link here for a nutrition guide). Your body also starts to engage itself and develop at a cellular level to provide your body with enough energy to get through your work out. This is a lasting effect long after you leave the gym, and with continued exercise you’re conditioning your body for more energy production.

Working Out Builds a Network of Friends

When you decide what type of work out you want to participate in, the people you attend work out with more than likely picked it for the same reason. If you like interval training, but low impact you might want to look at Barre Workouts. If you’re like me and like interval training, but also like to work hard and at a fast pace CrossFit might be for you. Either way your work out class is a built-in support system trying to reach similar goals. They’ll push you when you think you can’t go anymore, and help you stay on track. It’s also easier to be accountable when someone else is holding you to a higher standard.

Working Out Builds A Network of Friends

So take that first step if you haven’t already, and find a place you are comfortable working out. Start going at least three times a week, after four weeks you start to build a habit. Make sure you mark your progress, after four weeks you can see just how much you’ve improved mentally and physically.

As in everything else on this blog concerning hormones, consult your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. I am not a doctor, and if you have questions about a work out plan you need to consult your doctor before starting.

Until next time, Stay well y’all!

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